Passion, entrepreneurship, and the rebirth of local economies

Ernesto Sirolli teaches people and communities a bottom-up, responsive economic development approach called Enterprise Facilitation. At the WSU/Kellogg Holistic Management project's third annual statewide meeting in Spokane in February 1999, he gave the keynote speech from which the following has been excerpted.

Soil carbon means WATER to me!

Water storage in soil depends on many factors, including rainfall, soil depth, soil texture and the clay minerals present. We cannot control rainfall or soil type. But we certainly can influence the capacity of the soil to store water.

Biological soil crusts: How well do they really protect soil?

Widely regarded as natural protectors of exposed soil, biological soil crusts are fragile and provide little protection against erosion. Soil crusts usually indicate environmental damage, and can interfere with ecosystem recovery.

Joy Livingwell

soil loss and soil surface management

Summary: Good soil surface management can stop topsoil loss at the source. Soil needs full coverage, with litter between plants composting at the soil surface, to stop sheet erosion.

We have been managing our property for 25 months using Holistic Management. Ensuring the soil surface is well-covered at all times has made a dramatic difference in soil erosion, as the following photo demonstrates.

A conversation with Jack Southworth

Jack Southworth is a personable and curious fourth-generation cattle rancher who enjoys ranching. A couple of decades younger than the average rancher, he uses words such as mindset and empower with ease. Together with his wife Teresa and three employees, he runs about 650 mother cows on a ranch near Seneca, Oregon and on the Malheur National Forest.

Generating social capital in an urban neighborhood

Starting stock dogs

When Bud starts a cow dog, the only thing he wants the pup's mind on is the cattle. He is very careful not to distract it from the stock. Even if the pup had been schooled with obedience commands, he never uses them the first few times he takes it around stock. By the time he feels it wouldn't be detrimental to the pup to use them, the pup knows what to do and doesn't need them.

Economic development made plain

In Stevens County in northeast Washington, people are worried about the economy. Several years ago, WalMart came to the town of Colville, and this year's closing of the J. C. Penny store and a large downtown drugstore has Main Street merchants edgy. Employment in natural resources is down. Welfare is up, but it is being reformed to include jobseeking, and there is a lack of wage employment.

Working with stock-herding dogs: Part 1

The following material is reprinted from The Ranch Dog Trainer magazine, December 1992 and January 1993. This magazine can be contacted at HC 69 Box 300, Oscar, OK 73569, 580.437.2215.

Working with stock-herding dogs: Part 2

These articles were first published in Ranch Dog Trainer magazine. Part 1

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