Australian author reveals comprehensive solutions to climate crisis

Priority One cover

Enterprise, Oregon (2007)--Biosphere Media has published a US/UK edition of Allan Yeomans's controversial book Priority One: Together We Can Beat Global Warming.

Allan Yeomans has a background in physics, chemistry, meteorology, and agriculture. He realized that the rapid development of soil organic matter could solve the global warming problem, in combination with a switch to nonfossil energy sources. But most scientists, experts, organizations, and governments are unfamiliar with soil-enhancing farming and grazing methods, or the large and rapid increases in soil organic matter that they were achieving. "The undue influence of the coal, oil, and gas industries on every aspect of American politics has blinded Americans to the opportunities we have to stop global warming," Yeomans said.

Instead, Yeomans noted, "we are constantly told that global warming is inevitable, or that it's not so bad, that it's safe, or even desirable. And none of this is true."

Biosphere Media publisher Peter Donovan noted that many of those actively campaigning against climate change focus on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, and do not address the need to also reclaim the excess carbon from the atmosphere. "If we're only focusing on reducing emissions, we're pushing for partial or ineffective solutions," he said. "We'll continue to see plenty of resistance. This book describes the huge opportunity we have, and the tremendous benefits to all if we could get behind this low-cost solution."

"We will waste the soil's potential if we see it as an offset or mitigation of continued fossil fuel burning," said Donovan. "It is the largest carbon sink that we have significant influence on. Much of the carbon in the atmosphere today has come from the soil via tillage, exposure to the elements, or chemicals. If we put it back into the soil, using solar energy captured by plants, it will help us with every single problem we have. But governments, universities, industries, or the major media have little incentive to lead here. It is up to us."

Priority One is available through booksellers in North America and the UK. Biosphere Media (, PO Box 393, Enterprise, OR 97828; 541-263-1888.