Land EKG: practical rangeland monitoring

Charley Orchard grew up in Wyoming, a fourth-generation rancher. After he took his first Holistic Management course, he tried to bring it back to his family operation. Success was pretty limited at first. "What do you do when you don't know what to do? You go back to school."

Monitoring farms for progress toward sustainability

Summary: Web graphs, a monitoring tool from Cuba, can track progress toward sustainability of a whole, not just its pieces. They can monitor concerns implicit or expressed in the Holistic Management testing questions, and much more.

The Great American land monitoring shootout

I got myself into trouble after conducting a quick Pasture Walk Evaluation on a Montana ranch in the fall of 1997 by stating this one-liner, "The sagebrush is increasing."

Three employees of the ranch and I walked a few pastures to see if I could help them determine what was causing a problem with an electric fence that I constructed 14 years ago.

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