Managing for a whole forest

JOSEPH, OREGON--For Bob Jackson, the most important factor in forest management is the direction, not the speed or efficiency. Results are created one day at a time.

Common-sense timber management: Howard Johnson of Wallowa, Oregon

Howard Johnson of Wallowa, a "retired" cattle rancher, is quietly challenging some widely held beliefs about the management of forest lands. In eastern Oregon, many have grown up believing that a commercial timber harvest is a once-in-a-lifetime thing on a piece of land, or at most once in a generation. And many believe that forest health is a cost, and that it can only be achieved at the expense of something else.

Creating an open log market in British Columbia

VERNON, BRITISH COLUMBIA--For decades, large timber corporations have been calling the shots in the management of the province's seemingly unlimited forests. As the end comes into sight, conflict has escalated over the biological, social, and economic consequences of converting huge acreages and volumes of timber into cheap dimensional lumber and pulp for export.

A matter of method: Merve Wilkinson's Wildwood Tree Farm

Peter Donovan photos
Wildwood forest

Wildwood Forest
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