Post #2 by Seth Itzkan from Dimbangombe, Zimbabwe

Part 2: Hut With A View - Community Visits - 9/13/11

I don't even know how to start. The words that come to mind are hot, dust, sand, water, bare ground, struggle, promise, thirst, water (again), team work, manure, lions, fire, driving, children, bye bye, hello, and "What is the weather like in America"?.

Desertification: what it is and how to fix it

Why conventional "solutions" fail to reverse desertification; proven methods that work.

Index of articles and links

Desertification is the process by which formerly productive land (grasslands, savannas, forests, and farmland) becomes desert.

Restoring South Africa's desertified Karoo

Summary: Three related stories by three South African holistic managers. Introduction to the Karoo and its surprising history, restoring grass to a family farm from 1973 to present, and restoring an area with zero carrying capacity.

The Karoo

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