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Having only a few percent of the people controlling the way we live, and acting as the gatekeepers for new ideas, isn't working any more. Because the rate of change is increasing, the failure gets worse.

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In 1986, Ernesto Sirolli began learning how to empower communities to take responsibility for their own economic and community development. Person-centered rather than program-centered, and bottom-up rather than top-down, Enterprise Facilitation works by transforming passion, skill, and motivation into viable local businesses.

About Enterprise Facilitation

A Short History of the West African Pilot Pastoral Program 1993 - 2002

Institution or association? A basic choice for community efforts

A basic choice
for the organization of community efforts

Institution--Strategic Association--Responsive
Board of Directors hires an Executive Director Ad hoc committee hires a facilitator
leadership is mostly top down leadership is bottom up
centered on programs and tasks; the people part is usually an abstraction

Passion and entrepreneurship: development tools for a changing economy

In both land management and community development, people are trying methods that do not involve large inputs or infrastructure, but concentrate more on the ecological potential of the site or community to generate resilient development or production on its own.

Supporting passionate people on their own terms

Creating a sustainable future for fish, water, and people

Sponsored By:
Washington State University
Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources

March 31, 2001

Donald D.Nelson, Ph.D.
509/335-2922 (o)
509/335-1082 (fax)

Project Associates

Bob Chadwick, Consensus Associates

Mike Lunn, Sustainable Solutions

Table of Contents

Project Summary

The Initial Workshop and Projected Future Activities and Impact

Anticipated Outcomes

Growing community power

Here in northeast Oregon's Wallowa County, our local economy has depended on the export of commodities — lumber, cattle, and grain. People feel powerless, as if their future is being dictated by outside markets and money, urban environmentalists, and federal regulations.

When you are powerless, you can't hide the fact from the younger generation. They leave. By nature they want a chance to play, on the "A" team perhaps, and to swim with the current instead of against it.

Enterprise Facilitation and Holistic Management working together

WSU/Kellogg project partners with Sirolli Institute

When he heard Ernesto Sirolli describe his Enterprise Facilitation model, Holistic Management consultant Roland Kroos called Washington State University (WSU)/Kellogg project director Don Nelson. After learning more, Don attended a 5-day training in Enterprise Facilitation in Minnesota (USA).

Helping people manage land better

Helping suburban ranchette owners manage land better; protecting farmland with land trusts.

Near Ellensburg, Tammy Yeakey of Washington's Department of Natural Resources is helping suburban landowners deal constructively with grazing and watershed issues.

Sun East is a residential subdivision in the foothills north of Ellensburg. The developers began selling 20-acre tracts in the 1970s, primarily as recreational homesites, as much of Sun East is without power or telephone lines.

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